Current members of the Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board is composed of external experts coming from industries with a strong focus on pharmaceutical production, laboratory automation and robotics including artificial intelligence. With regard to the future potential of the TraceBot-project, the experts bring a user-oriented perspective.

In regular meetings (2 times per year), the advisory board members provide feedback and advice to all project partners on different aspects of the research project.

As the next Advisory Board meeting will be held soon, we would like introduce the member organisations of this important and pathbreaking Board

All of these institutions contribute individual expertise. Those meetings do not only upgrade the TraceBot and bring needed guidance, they also enable opportunities for all high valued members to get in touch and cooperate with one another.

We are proud to bundle the knowledge of such high performance indurstries and thank the dedicated and bright minds behind the Advisory Board. They contribute to shaping the future of the project.

As the project evolves, the Advisory Board membership will be assessed and updated as needed.

Please find the latest information about the TraceBot Advisory Board here.

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