Trustable robots to make new medicines: needs and opportunities - Workshop at the ERF

DN-Odense | The objective of this workshop, under the umbrella of the European project TraceBot, and the Topic Group on Laboratory Robotics is to bring together robotic scientists, pharmaceutic industrials, integrators and users to highlight the pharmaceutical expectations, and the technical and regulation challenges that should be addressed to foster the use of robotic solutions in the laboratory.

WS Description: The usage of robotics in pharmaceutical and laboratory environments is still nowadays limited to specific processes and well-bounded manipulations such as liquid handling. Nevertheless, this application field presents several characteristics that should justify a broader use of robotics: operation repetitiveness, risky operations for human safety, well-defined processes, …


Track: Healthcare, Duration: 80 minute session

Date and Time: 15 March 2023, 09:05-10:35

TG relation: Analytical Laboratory Robotics

Areas mainly addressed: Robotics and AI/Big Data Value, Autonomy, Collaborative Robots and cloud robotics, Regulation and Standardization for Robotics and AI

Main questions to be answered:

· What is still missing addressing the themes? (Contamination, Collaboration and Trustability)

· Hurdles for uptake of robots in the lab

· How to make the lab robots intuitive to operate? (not needing qualified roboticists or SW Engineers)

Intended outcome: Workshop expected to create a roadmap or white paper, Workshops engaging non-roboticists to understand needs/goals (policy, commercial, technical)



• 00:00 – 00:05 (5 min): Workshop opening

• 00:05 – 00:20 (15 min): Presentation 1 – Presenter: Brian Schebye (Novo Nordisk) – Title: Automation of sterility testing

• 00:20 – 00:35 (15 min): Presentation 2 – Presenter: Christina Gerdes (Universal Robots) – Title: Keeping it clean: Universal Robots bringing automation to clean and sterile environments

• 00:35 – 00:50 (15 min): Presentation 3 – Presenters: Kasper Stoy (ITU) and Mikkel Labori (DTI) – Presentation title: Innovation opportunities and academic challenges

• 00:50 – 00:75 (25 min): Open discussion with panel and audience

• 00:75 – 00:80 (5 min): Workshop closure and follow-up definition



Novo Nordisk – Brian Schebye (External Collaboration & Contract Manager)

Universal Robots (UR) – Christina Gerdes (Pharma market strategy)

IT University of Copenhagen (ITU) – Prof. Kasper Stoy (Robotics Research)

Danish Technology Institute (DTI)- Mikkel Labori (Consultant)



· Radhika Gudipati,, Ocado Technology

· Patrick Courtney,, TEC-CONNECTION

· AnthonyRemazeilles,, Tecnalia

· Mikkel Olsen Labori,, Danish Technology Institute (DTI)


(Source: ERF Website)

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