Advisory Board

Advisory Board - scope and purpose

The Advisory Board has a vital function for the TraceBot project. It comprises external experts coming from industries with strong focus on pharmaceutical production, lab automation and robotics including artificial intelligence. In view of a future potential of the TraceBot, the experts bring a user-focussed perspective. Chair of the TraceBot Advisory Board is Dr. Patrick Courtney (tec-connection), a renowned expert in the field of laboratory automation with excellent international contacts in the above mentioned industries.

Advisory Board meetings are being held on a regular base (2-3 times a year) and will be arranged in accordance with the delivery by the project of new developments, to seek feedback and advice. Invitations are being sent out in conjunction with internal project meetings. The meetings ensure that the TraceBot vision remains aligned with the needs and constraints of the relevant market actors and to provide operational and strategic suggestions to the project in order to improve such alignment.

The board membership includes representation across the value chain, from suppliers of products and services to users including research, and regulation for all kind of medicinal products from drugs, vaccines, diagnostics, emerging therapies and blood products

The Advisory Board membership will be assessed and updated as needed.

Dr. Patrick Courtney, Chair of Advisory Board

Advisory Board Meetings 2021 + 2022

2021: The TraceBot advisory board kick-off meeting was successfully held on 21st September 2021. Due to the pandemic it was held virtually.

2022: TraceBot advisory board meeting #2 was held virtually on 15th March 2022. During two hours 18 attendees with immense expertise in the field of robotics in the pharma industry discussed the results presented by different colleagues of TraceBot partner companies. The external experts from the advisory board provided valuable input for the future steps in the development of the TraceBot.


Current members of the Advisory Board